Furniture Friends Portland is dedicated to acquiring and delivering donated furniture to people in need throughout Greater Portland.  Recipients include the recently homeless, new immigrants, refugees, people with chronic illnesses or disabilities, veterans, and long time Mainers who have fallen upon hard times.

These people often find a new living space completely empty with no beds, no tables, no chairs, and no place to store the few possessions they do own.

The idea behind our work is simple; the impact profound.  

No one should have to sleep on bare floors and live out of boxes.  

We provide people who have next to nothing with a bit of stability, comfort and a sense of ownership.  

View the video below to see for yourself.

Where do we get the furniture?  We pick up furniture that is free of stains and rips, from corporations, businesses and private citizens like you.  Furniture donors in outer Portland, Falmouth, Gorham, Scarborough, and Cape Elizabeth, can begin scheduling a drop off time or a pick up by clicking the DONATE FURNITURE tab above. We do not accept furniture from inner city Portland.

What types of furniture do we accept? We will visually inspect all donations before accepting.

Items We Accept: We focus on essential furniture Items, namely beds, dining room tables and chairs, living room seating and tables, dressers and nearly new cribs and other baby furniture.

Items We Do Not Accept: Among the items we do not accept are used sofa beds, futons, rugs, press board furniture pieces, entertainment centers, armoires, TV’s, appliances, bedding, older cribs, queen or king-sized beds, benches, outdoor furniture, silverware, bake-ware, curtains, curtain hardware. We do not accept any item that is slip covered, pet damaged, stained, soiled, full of pet hair, ripped, broken or has any trace of bedbugs.

Who is eligible to receive furniture?  Do not register yourself to receive furniture. We partner with local social service providers to identify individuals and families in need within the Greater Portland area, which extends to Scarborough, South Portland, Gorham and Falmouth.  Providers can begin referring their clients by clicking the REFERRALS tab above.  If your clients have furniture essentials, please do not request non-essential items for them.

Who delivers the furniture? Volunteers teams, including volunteer groups assembled by schools, churches and corporations, help with most of our deliveries.  Turning bare living spaces into “homes” can be a very rewarding experience, so to learn more about volunteering, click the VOLUNTEER tab above and if you know you want to help us, then click SIGN UP on the pulled menu at the VOLUNTEER tab above.

How are we Funded?  We are a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit and all of our funding comes from grants and community donations.  Your tax-deductible contribution will help fund our part-time staff member, equipment, truck maintenance, and gasoline.  A donation is not followed by a barrage of appeals nor is it wasted on huge administrative costs.  A donation will go almost fully and directly to getting furniture to people in need. We can now accept your gift of stocks and securities! Furniture Friends welcomes gifts of stocks and securities. For more information about making such a donation, please contact us by following the “contact us” tab at the top of this page. Generously Donate Today!  So please take a moment to click on the SUPPORT PayPal tab above or send a check to:

Furniture Friends

PO Box 7894,

Portland ME  04112

Note: Furniture Friends Portland was previously known as The Greater Portland Charitable Furniture Center, The Furniture Center and The Furniture Bank.

Thanks to our Business Partner, Liberty Bell Moving and Storage and Liberty Bell Furniture Repair and Upholstery, for providing us with up to 16 hours of their services a month to help us deliver furniture essentials to people in need.